Restructuring Unit

    The Restructuring Unit is HSH Nordbank's internal wind-down unit. This is where all loan and securities portfolios are pooled that no longer form part of our core business. These legacy portfolios, most of which originate from the time before 2009, are largely covered by the guarantee provided by our federal state owners and are being resolutely wound down. Most of the loans, which include ship but also real estate and aircraft loans, are non-performing. By contrast, securities pooled in the Restructuring Unit, mainly comprising government and bank bonds as well as asset-backed securities, have relatively higher value. By winding down the portfolio, the Restructuring Unit is reducing the Bank's risk-weighted assets and providing relief for its equity capital. Ultimately, we are improving HSH Nordbank's risk-bearing capacity and thus creating the prerequisites for profitable new business.

  • Assets reduced by a total of € 9 billion in 2015 alone via premature repayments, sales of loans and securities as well as structured solutions
  • Capital market exposures significantly reduced by € 2.2 billion
  • Nautilus transactions: 9 transactions with a total volume of around € 1.3 billion realised

*Without consolidation