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2015 was a pivotal year for HSH Nordbank. The agreement with the European Commission is a strong signal for the viability of the Bank. We now have time until the autumn of 2018 to dedicate ourselves completely and resolutely to working towards a clear target: the privatisation of our Bank. The course for the coming years has been set and we will do everything in our power to make use of this opportunity. Again in 2015 we worked hard on ourselves, and we did not cease questioning ourselves in order to keep getting better. Our aim is to be a dependable, competent and fast-acting partner for our clients – now and in the future. We will continue along this path.

Constantin von Oesterreich
Chairman of the Management Board
HSH Nordbank

Deputy Chairman of the Management Board
Chief Financial Officer HSH Nordbank

Torsten Temp
Member of the Management Board Shipping, Project & Real Estate Finance HSH Nordbank

Thorsten Testorp
Managing Partner
B&L Group

"Even though we realise projects throughout the whole of Germany, our roots are here on the Elbe river. We are a Hanseatic company through and through, just like HSH Nordbank. This might be why our collaboration works so well. We treat each other as partners and equals, we communicate efficiently and there is a deep understanding of our – not always easy – business area. These are factors of immense importance to us. This is why we feel we are in very safe hands with the experts at HSH Nordbank."

Thorsten Testorp
B&L Group

B&L group

Back in 1970, Albert H. K. Büll and Dr Cornelius Liedtke in Hamburg laid the foundations for what was to become the B&L Group. Since then the owner-run company has realised more than 170 projects across Germany. Be it as developer, investor, manager or lessor – today the B&L Group with a staff of 80 is among the top names in Hamburg’s real estate industry.

Managing Director MACS
Maritime Carrier Shipping

Prof. Dr Horst Köhler
former President of the
Federal Republic of Germany

Pinar Atalay

Matthias Wittenburg
Member of the Management Board
Corporates & Markets
HSH Nordbank


Macroeconomic developments, political conditions, trends in society and technology: all matters crucial to SMEs are discussed at our events. What impact will there be on businesses; where are the opportunities; where the risks? Our objective is to illuminate these topics in a short space of time and from various angles, thereby giving participants different perspectives. The setting is intentionally informal: the emphasis is on discussion and an exchange of ideas across business sectors.

"I am a regular guest at HSH Nordbank events, both on the panel and in the audience. Current topics are discussed here specifically from the business point of view and above all with representatives of SMEs.”

Dietrich Scheder-Bieschin
Managing Director MACS Maritime Carrier Shipping

Ulrich Feuersinger
CEO Steinbeis Papier

Ulrik lackschewitz
Chief Risk Officer HSH Nordbank

"We are a mid-sized company with a long tradition. Our group of partners still includes members of the fifth and sixth generation of the Steinbeis family. Perhaps this is why long-term thinking, dependability and of course a commitment to the region are so important for us. During our collaboration with HSH Nordbank for years now we have seen that they really understand SMEs and take their claim of being a ‘bank for entrepreneurs’ very seriously."

Ulrich Feuersinger
CEO Steinbeis Papier


A bold step forward: In the mid-seventies Steinbeis Papier already played a pioneering role by changing over to production based on recycled paper. The fact that today the company is the market leader in Europe shows that this decision was correct. The objectives of that time – to produce paper in a way that was energy-efficient, produced a low level of emissions and saved resources – still apply today. More than 330 employees in the factory on the river Elbe now produce high-performance multipurpose paper, setting new standards for socially and ecologically responsible management.


“In a fiercely contested market we must distinguish ourselves from the competition. That is also why we realigned our Corporate Clients division in 2015, directing its focus on sectors with which we are particularly familiar so we can apply all our know-how for the benefit of our clients.”

Patrick Miljes
Head of Corporate Clients

As a bank for entrepreneurs we focus mainly on upper medium-sized companies in Germany: owner-managed companies with annual sales above € 100 million. In 2015, we restructured our corporate client business with a view to continuing to offer first-class service in a highly competitive market. By concentrating on the sectors of ENERGY & UTILITIES, INFRASTRUCTURE & LOGISTICS, trade & FOOD, HEALTH CARE, INDUSTRY & SERVICES as well as WEALTH MANAGEMENT, we are focussing on the areas we are particularly familiar with. Here, we have many years of experience and see good prospects. Our former Corporates, Renewable Energies, Infrastructure and Wealth Management divisions have now been pooled in the new Corporate Clients division in order to further strengthen their cooperation.

Energy &


Logistics &

Roland Schwab

Trade &
Food Industry


Industry & Services,
Health Care

Christian Alpert







Inka Klinger
Head of Energy & Utilities
Sales Germany
HSH Nordbank

Markus Lesser
Chief Operating Officer

Energy &

"We can rely on HSH Nordbank completely. The Bank has assisted us constructively with several wind farms we have realised, not only in project financing but also during the subsequent selling phase."

Markus Lesser
Chief Operating Officer PNE WIND AG

PNE Wind AG 

PNE Wind AG is a listed wind farm project manager with international operations based in Cuxhaven. The company, established in 1995, plans and realises wind projects both onshore and offshore – more than 200 wind farms with total rated output of 2,300 megawatts have been realised to date in Germany, Poland, Italy, France, Spain and the USA. The company has about 380 employees. Once a farm has been developed and established, PNE usually sells it and offers to handle its technical and commercial management.

HSH Nordbank is number three in Europe when it comes to the financing of wind and solar projects. In 2015, we surpassed our new business targets in this segment for the third consecutive time. Our clients include manufacturers, project developers, investors and utilities. We are now also successful in Scandinavia. After entering the Finnish market in 2014, we have further expanded our presence there: In 2015, we financed six wind farms in this northern European country. The business we signed in France, Ireland and Sweden has not only helped us expand our portfolio but also broadened our regional footprint. The volume of our more than 250 projects in the wind and solar business alone totals around € 5 billion, which means that we are in the first rank when it comes to renewable energies.

New business totalling more than
€ 1 billion

for projects and utilities

PLU 7 %

in project finance (2014 vs. 2015)

They know today where the game will be tomorrow: Lars Quandel, Head of Energy & Utilities at HSH Nordbank; Markus Lesser and Inka Klinger at a PNE test field in Cuxhaven (left to right).

Deal: Wind in the north

With an overall performance of just under 40 megawatts, the wind farm in the Dithmarschen district is one of Schleswig-Holstein's largest community wind farms. We have made available just short of € 63 million for the financing of this project, thereby underlining once again our strong commitment to our home region.

In 2015, the Bank financed
450  megawatts
of newly installed capacity

In total we represent
5.4 gigawatts
in installed capacity


Increasingly stringent emission limits and climate targets defined by policymakers: renewable energy has become a major sector of the European economy in recent years. According to the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA), a good 77% of new power plant capacity related to renewable energy in 2015. Wind energy accounted for the lion’s share, whereas net new capacity in the photovoltaic segment dropped considerably. In the wind energy segment, the EU-wide newly installed capacity rose to a record 12.8 gigawatts in 2015: this equates to annual growth averaging 9.7% since 2000. This trend was boosted by considerable new capacity, particularly in Germany. A look at the renewable energy sector as a whole shows how significant this energy source is to European electricity supplies today. Whereas in 2005, renewable energy only accounted for 15% of electricity consumption in the EU, this figure had almost doubled to 28% by 2014. Wind power alone now supplies around 16% of the required electricity – which represents a sixfold increase over the past 15 years. What is more, the positive trend is expected to continue in the long term, especially in international terms. Although growth is expected to slow in individual markets, the further expansion of renewable energy is the only way to achieve the long-term objective of largely replacing fossil energy sources that are harmful to the environment with “clean” energy. Despite constant changes in the overall framework, national subsidy schemes and expansion plans offer project planners and investors in the EU countries sufficiently reliable conditions to ensure that the increase in capacity can continue going from strength to strength over the next few years.

Source: HSH Nordbank Research

Strong for entrepreneurs




Understand The markets are characterised by technical, legal and structural changes.

Recognise You can depend on our experience as pioneers in the sector and on our keen sense for trends. We will deploy our expertise and comprehensive financial solutions in the execution of your projects.

Shape Whether your business is a utility focusing on solar, hydro or wind; offshore or onshore: we support you with all our energy.

Roland Schwab
Head of Logistics & Infrastructure
HSH Nordbank

Horst Bartels

Kai-Uwe Höhs
Client Relationship Manager
HSH Nordbank

Logistics &

"HSH Nordbank is one of our most significant and capable partners in the lending business. We have been collaborating with the Bank for 38 years and particularly appreciate its high reliability."

Horst Bartels

Nordfrost GmbH & Co. KG 

Logistics company NORDFROST GmbH & Co. KG with headquarters in Schortens (Lower Saxony) operates as a full-service provider in deep-freeze logistics involving storage, distribution, retail and seaport logistics. The family-run company operates 35 deep-freeze centres with a storage capacity of 3,350,000 cubic metres, thus ranking in 1st place in Europe in the deep-freeze storage segment and in 6th place worldwide, according to the company. NORDFROST has approximately 2,500 employees.

HSH Nordbank primarily provides structured financing to its clients in transportation infrastructure, network expansion & operation and in logistics. In these areas of business, we possess more than ten years of experience. During this time, we have advanced to an excellent position on the European market, which is as attractive as it is competitive. In 2015, we were once again among the leading banks for large-volume acquisition financing.

million for private glass fibre expansion in rural areas:

households in Schleswig-Holstein and other regions benefited

Moved to rail

We have been maintaining close and trusting business relationships with Europe's leading wagon hire and rail logistics company VTG for many years. We have made available € 97 million for the refinancing of VTG following its takeover of AAE Ahaus Alstätter Eisenbahn Holding AG.

Ports, airports, roads and rail networks:
HSH Nordbank provided a TOTAL
€ 2.5 
BILLION in 2015


The logistics industry is one of the biggest sectors of the German economy. It employs a workforce of around three million people in approximately 60,000 companies and generated revenue totalling € 240 billion in 2015, based on estimates supplied by the German Logistics Association BVL. In Germany, the sector is dominated by innovative companies. Many logistics companies specialise in certain good segments and go further than just making transportation capacities available by offering their customers additional services. Logistics companies are becoming increasingly integrated into the customer and supplier value chain in industry and trade. In the food logistics sector, for example, the service offering ranges from quality controls performed on goods to storage, transportation and stacking shelves in the wholesale and retail sectors.

Good infrastructure is one of the key prerequisites for the growth of the logistics sector and the economy as a whole. This means that regular public and private-sector investments in roads, tunnels, bridges, railways, ports and airports are just as important as investments in the electricity, gas and telecommunications networks. The projects set out in the German Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan for 2030, which was unveiled in March 2016, alone account for a volume of more than € 67 billion. In the greater Hamburg region, major projects are planned in the maritime, road and rail transport sectors, in particular, with projects also focusing on connections between the hinterland and the seaports. Hinterland transport is one of the biggest factors driving the growth of the rail freight transport sector, which, like passenger transport, is also being tapped into increasingly by competitors of the German national rail service, Deutsche Bahn.

Source: HSH Nordbank Research

Strong for entrepreneurs




Understand The pace of this globalised world needs flexible logistics chains and a reliable infrastructure.

Recognise Our extensive experience allows us to support you when it comes to investing, hedging economic risks or executing your payments.

Shape From transport management on road and rail; from the airport through to the harbour terminal: together we set the course for the success of your enterprise.

Dr Axel Rebien
Tom Tailor Holding AG

Jens Thiele
Head of Trade HSH Nordbank


"HSH Nordbank has convinced us with its individual solutions on several occasions, most recently with the SmartFact factoring platform for the refinancing of trade receivables."

Dr Axel Rebien
CFO Tom Tailor Holding AG

Tom Tailor Holding AG

Tom Tailor Holding AG with its umbrella brands Tom Tailor and Bonita ranks in the top ten of German fashion companies. Established in 1962, the company is based in Hamburg and offers clothing for women, men and children together with accessories in the mid-price segment. Its products are sold in more than 40 countries via retailers, online and in shop-in-shop areas. The fashion and lifestyle company employs a staff of around 6,900 worldwide and generated sales of € 956 million in 2015.

Credit lines of around
€ 1 billion
to clients in the garment and fashion sector

The trade business moves quickly and changes every day. Reliability and flexibility are crucial success factors, in goods and import finance, in financing or in receivables management, for instance via our innovative SmartFact platform. Our expertise in the garment as well as in the retail and motor vehicle trades is comprehensive: we enjoy an excellent position in these markets, with many well-known companies among our clients. We furthermore keep a keen eye on developments in the commodity and forex markets, and will always provide support when it is a matter of hedging market price risks.

Total financing
volume approx.



The year 2015 was a successful year for the German retail sector, which reported an increase in revenue. This trend was supported by a number of factors, including the positive situation on the employment market, recent high wage agreements and the introduction of the minimum wage. The sector is optimistic for the year ahead as well thanks to what is still a high propensity to consume. Unlike the retail sector, the wholesale and foreign trade sector had a disappointing 2015, with a drop in real revenues over the year as a whole. The year 2016 is likely to remain a mixed one for the wholesale segment, also due to the slowdown in the Chinese economy. Nevertheless, a survey conducted by the business association AGA, whose members include around 3,500 wholesalers from the north of Germany, suggests that the overriding sentiment among companies based there for 2016 is one of optimism – despite the challenges facing international business. The coastal towns and cities benefit from their location to a certain degree: they have a long tradition of trade behind them and used their ports, particularly in Hamburg, to establish themselves as a hub for international goods transportation early on. The positive expectations of northern German wholesalers are also reflected in their investment and workforce plans. On the basis of the survey, the association expects to see workforces increase by 1% and investments rise by 3%.

Source: HSH Nordbank Research

Strong for entrepreneurs



Understand A profound knowledge of goods and value chains allowing accurate identification of opportunities and risks is a constituent component of our Hanseatic DNA.

Recognise From financing through to documentary business - with our specialists we are your forward-looking partner for anything you require in the markets that matter to you.

Shape Our competence bred from extensive experience offers rapid and sure decisions, leaving you the freedom to do what you need.

Oliver Wohlfeil
Client Relationship Manager
Food Industry
HSH Nordbank

Richard Hartinger
CEO riha WeserGold


"Continuity and trust – these two foundations of a good business relationship also support our long-standing collaboration with HSH Nordbank."

Richard Hartinger
CEO riha WeserGold

riha WeserGold Getränke GmbH & Co. KG

riha WeserGold Getränke GmbH & Co. KG, headquartered in Rinteln, is one of Europe's leading producers of alcohol-free drinks. In 2014, the company sold 1,100 million litres worldwide, of which 718 million in Germany. Glass blower Richard Hartinger established a family-run business to make apple juice in 1934. Since 1970 riha WeserGold has also been offering carbonated drinks. The company generates annual sales of € 567 million (2014) and employs a staff of around 2,000.

The food industry is multifaceted, with the wide variety of products and careful handling of the foodstuffs requiring a specific type of knowledge. Our Client Relationship Manager have a profound understanding of the agricultural and food markets and they know which step in the retail chain harbours which opportunities and risks. This results in individualised and sector-specific solutions for our clients. We have a wide network of good contacts in the coffee and tea industries and also enjoy an excellent position in the meat and agricultural sectors. Moreover, a large number of food retailers feature among our clients - many of them dating back to the time when the Bank was established.

Our Food industry team
currently assists

clients with a total lending volume of about
€ 2 billion

We have had something to do with
every other 
loaf on the supermarket shelf: Harry Brot
and other market leaders
 are among our clients.


The food industry is the third-largest industrial sector in Germany, employing just under 600,000 people in more than 5,800 companies. The sector, whose business is becoming increasingly international with companies now selling around one third of their products abroad, is virtually immune to economic fluctuations, meaning that it shows stable development in general. Nevertheless, food manufacturers are under huge margin pressure due to excess capacity and the high level of concentration in the German food retail sector. The only companies who will be able to withstand this intensive competition are those that can successfully tap into new sales markets, focus on innovative products and cut manufacturing costs at the same time. In response to the intense competition from the own-brand ranges launched by retail chains, food manufacturers are now also focusing more on positioning themselves as brand and high-quality manufacturers. The focus is primarily on trends such as nutritional awareness, sustainability and fresh produce. This strategy can be applied to a large number of products, particularly meat, fish and milk. According to the Federation of German Food and Drink Industries (BVE), 2015 was a difficult year characterised by a drop in sales. This trend is attributable both to a decline in the volume sold and to lower prices.

Source: HSH Nordbank Research

Strong for entrepreneurs



Understand The market for food products is constantly on the move because of changing consumer behaviour, vigorous innovation and fierce competition.

Recognise Brands, white labels, production or trading: we know the challenges and opportunities of the business models and will do our bit to help you achieve your objectives.

Shape No matter where the market is heading: our sector experts feed you with fresh ideas so that you can realise yours.

Alexander Reinsch
CFO H&R KG Group

Volker Kieschke
Head of Industry & Services
N/E HSH Nordbank


"Our contacts are not only reliable and easy to reach, they are also constructive dialogue and sparring partners when it comes to tackling our corporate challenges."

Alexander Reinsch
CFO H&R KG Group

Hansen & Rosenthal KG-GROUP
The Hansen & Rosenthal KG Group, with its head office in Hamburg, emerged from the establishment of a trading firm dealing in petroleum jelly and white oils in 1919. Working together with H&R Aktiengesellschaft, the group is now one of Europe's leading providers of chemical-pharmaceutical specialities such as softening agents, white oils and paraffins. The group companies employ a staff of 1,712 at 19 locations in and outside Germany.

Clients have been relying for years on the solutions and structuring expertise offered by our Industry & Services division for their frequently complex projects. We are very familiar with major finance requirements deriving from asset intensity and substantial technical challenges during implementation. We see ourselves as a long-term business partner and assist our clients through all economic cycles.

Loans of more than


Strong for entrepreneurs



Understand Companies in the industrial and services sectors are the backbone of the German economy.

Recognise We are familiar with the specific challenges of your market - from automotive to steel; from R&D through to the travel business.

Shape Cooperating with you, we develop distinct ideas and inch-perfect solutions so you can take profitable advantage of the opportunities your business presents.

Dr Jörn Tonne
Managing Director
Nordmark Arzneimittel

Sandro von Korff
Head of Health care
HSH Nordbank

Torsten Schwarz
Client Relationship Manager
HSH Nordbank

Health Care

"HSH Nordbank has been assisting us since 2001, when the Management Board led the company back to independence via a management buyout. We very much appreciate the understanding, fairness and constructive support we have experienced every single day."

Dr Jörn Tonne
Managing Director Nordmark Arzneimittel

Nordmark Arzneimittel GmbH & Co. KG 

Nordmark Arzneimittel GmbH & Co. KG has been a leading international specialist for the development, production and marketing of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and drugs of a biological and biotechnological origin since 1927. The company works to the highest standards. Nordmark is the global market leader today when it comes to the production of pancreatin and collagenases, in particular. Headquartered in Uetersen near Hamburg the company is now back in family hands following a management buyout from the BASF conglomerate in 2001. With a staff of more than 500 it generated sales of around € 73 million in 2015.

HSH Nordbank is one of the leading providers of finance to clinics and care institutions in and beyond northern Germany. For more than 15 years we have been active nationwide with a specialised sector team that has strong ties to the industry. Our specialists possess particular expertise in advising clinics, care institutions, companies in the medical technology and pharmaceuticals sectors as well as specialist service providers.

We have financed a
total of around

beds in

hospitals in northern germany

We have financed around

nursing care places in
full inpatient care facilities

We have issued loans for around
1,3 billion
to the health care industry


Health is a key part of life. It is not only many people’s “most important asset”, but is also a major economic factor: according to the German Federal Statistical Office (Statistisches Bundesamt), total health care spending accounts for around 11% of gross domestic product. The population is becoming increasingly health-conscious, older and more in need of longterm care. This means that the health care industry is a source of growth and employment impetus: In the period between 2004 and 2014, gross value added in the sector – i.e. the total value of produced goods and services less intermediate consumption – grew by around 39% to total just under € 330 billion. Whereas 4.4 million people were working in the health care sector back in 2004, this figure had risen to 4.9 million by 2014. The challenge in the future will be to at least maintain, if not improve, the quality of health care in spite of demographic trends, striking a balance between humanitarian and financial aspects at the same time.

Source: HSH Nordbank Research

Strong for entrepreneurs



Understand The health care sector is a growth market of steadily increasing importance to society as a whole.

Recognise While the medical sector and technology continue to develop, systemic cost pressure is also mounting. We help you navigate the conflicting priorities involving investment, acquisitions and other complex plans.

Shape Medical technology, hospitals or care; specialised service providers or pharmaceuticals: together we ensure that you are fit for your future.

Philipp Vollertsen
Managing Director
Nordatlantik Seeprodukthandel

Oliver Neckel
Head of Wealth Management
HSH Nordbank


"As Managing Director and buyer of a retail company I often travel abroad – so I need to be sure that everything is running smoothly at home. For me HSH Nordbank is the ideal principal bank. It is just as experienced in the settlement of international payments, which are important to us, as it is in investment advice and portfolio management."

Philipp Vollertsen
Managing Director Nordatlantik Seeprodukthandel

Philipp Vollertsen

For Hamburg's entrepreneur Philipp Vollertsen HSH Nordbank is the preferred partner in all financial matters – not only in business affairs but also in the private sphere.

We are the "Bank for entrepreneurs". So we assist our clients not only in all business matters, but also on questions relating to private assets. Our focal areas in wealth management are individual investment advice and portfolio management. In addition, we provide our clients with comprehensive advice on the topics of foundations and philanthropy. We have acted as a partner supporting numerous companies for decades. This in-depth and long-term relationship is one of our main strengths. In the interest of our clients we provide advice independently of products and providers: we give top priority to dependability, transparency and soundness – with a view to maintaining and growing the assets entrusted to us over generations.

Since 2015, we have been collaborating in asset management with Metzler Asset Management GmbH. This enables us to offer our clients even greater value added when it comes to wealth management and investment advice.

We advise 
foundations and charitable
organisations across Germany

Foundations with a difference: In 2015, we created the online platform The platform provides concise information relating to the topics of philanthropy and foundations.

More about 

Strong for entrepreneurs




Understand Every asset is unique.

Recognise It is our responsibility to find the right solution for your personal requirement.

Shape When you feel confident that your assets are in good hands, today and tomorrow, then we feel we have done our job.

Kai-Michael Dudda
Managing Partner GS-Bau

Peter Axmann
Global Head of Real Estate
HSH Nordbank

Real Estate

"In the past, we have initiated many building projects with HSH Nordbank as our finance partner – and are pleased to be working with them again on the Univercity Suites. Because rapid and direct contact with the relationship managers, also when problems arise, is hugely important to us."

Kai-Michael Dudda
Managing Partner GS-Bau


The GESA-Bau Group has been developing and building real estate in the Greater Hamburg area for longer than 30 years. Kai-Michael Dudda, Managing Partner of GS-Bau GmbH, has headed the company and its 20 staff for more than 15 years with great personal dedication. To date, over 3,000 Hamburgers have found a home in GESA-Bau’s more than 70 housing projects.

Kai-Michael Dudda, Managing Partner of GS-Bau GmbH, and our Global Head of Real Estate, Peter Axmann, view the building shell of ‘Univercity Suites’. In the immediate vicinity of the University of Hamburg, our long-standing client is building attractive apartments, maisonettes and suites in various sizes – so that more than 60 Hamburgers can fulfil their dream of living within their own four walls.

As a provider of commercial real estate finance we enjoy an outstanding market position across the whole of Germany. Beyond our long-standing exposure in our home region of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein, we assist our clients through offices in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich as a partner who is familiar with the regional market. We also advise international investors on their real estate projects in Germany. Our clients include professional real estate investors, project and property developers. They appreciate not only the transaction security we provide but also our solution-oriented way of working, right from the initiation of business to the entire loan term. We offer tailored financing solutions which are geared to the business plans of our clients. Our range of services includes traditional mortgage loans as well as structured financing for existing properties, commercial project developments and residential property development projects. Our focus is on residential, office and retail use. In our projects, we aim in particular to ensure that the risk profiles fit and the margins are right.

In 2015, we once again expanded new business with


4-star deal  
The biggest single transactions on the German hotel market in 2015 included the change of owners of the 4-star superior hotel "Radisson Blu", located on Hamburg's Dammtor. We provided the buyer of this traditional hotel, the Azure Group, with € 100 million for the acquisition and thus support the planned expansion of our client's base in Germany.

Strong for entrepreneurs



Understand It takes expertise and experience to correctly assess the potential of a location or a property.

Recognise As leading bank specialising in real estate, in close collaboration with you we set up tailored finance: from the project idea through to disbursement.

Shape Rely on one of the top names: together we will lay foundations you can absolutely trust.

Nikolaus H. Schües
CEO F. Laeisz

Christian Nieswandt
Head of Shipping HSH Nordbank


"For us as a medium-sized company, trust and reliability are integral to any cooperation, especially in the cyclical shipping business. In HSH Nordbank we have an ideal financing partner at our side. HSH Nordbank knows the markets and takes the same long-term outlook in its thinking that we do."

Nikolaus H. Schües
CEO F. Laeisz

Reederei F. Laeisz

For over 190 years the F. Laeisz company has called the world's oceans its home, and shipping is the backbone of the Group to this day. With more than 1,200 crew members at sea and around 100 employees on land the medium-sized company operates around 40 ships totalling more than 1.7 million dwt. The family-run shipping company is also active in trading as well as the insurance and real estate sectors.

Traditionally, international ship finance is one of our core areas of business. With experts in Hamburg, Athens, Singapore and Hong Kong we are represented at the main maritime locations in this international business. We finance the building of new and second-hand ships and provide our clients in the maritime industry with structured loans as well as short, medium and long-term ship mortgage loans. This financing focuses on container vessels, bulk carriers, oil and product tankers as well as special-purpose ships such as transport vessels for vehicles. Here, we concentrate on the ship types and sizes in demand. We also advise our shipping clients on mergers and acquisitions as well as on matters concerning liquidity management and international payments.

Hong Kong

We are represented at the important 
international shipping locations

Strong for entrepreneurs



Understand To achieve lasting success for your business in the maritime industry you need a business model that has a future.

Recognise In us you will find a team that stays the course. Even when those storms come.

Shape Our promise is that we will scrutinise deals down to the fine detail; we will weigh opportunities and we will offer you the kind of support you need.

* Excl. Germany, Scandinavia and Greece